The missing piece

Roberto Soldado
Striker… it’s an almost unknown quantity these days down at the Lane.

We’ve had many pretenders over the years who we were told would be “world class” or would “score goals for fun” but none have really materialised. Is this a fault of ours? Are we cursed? It wouldn’t surprise me.

Dimitar Berbatov, in my opinion, was our last real quality number 9. A beautiful touch, an eye for goal and a fiery temper to boot; all the qualities that are desired in the melting pot of fantastic strikers. We all loved Berbatov, until he forced his move to United that is, but we’ll tend to leave that part out of this story.

There have been many pretenders since. Names such as Pavlyuchenko, Crouch, Defoe, Adebayor and perhaps the closest we’ve had to striking perfection since: Fraizer Campbell. I honestly believe that for many years we have been a top class striker away from silverware, and lots of it. We’ve always been a nearly club in that respect, but now it seems times could be changing, a glimmer of hope is emerging in the form of a Spanish soldier… Roberto Soldado.

With this man leading the line we are surely destined for glory. He is what has been lacking since our beloved Bulgarian left, a graceful player with a lethal right foot and a penalty technique that has been perfected over the years, well, that is presuming we’ll actually get a penalty this year.

At the time of writing there are reports that Soldado is extremely close to joining. If the deal does go through then this could be the year that we realise what could have been, the place we all call home could have some new shiny decorations by the end of May if all goes to plan.

The reported £26m fee is steep but it’s the risk we need to take if we want to take 4th spot from our bitter rivals from down the road. Soldado could be the man to fire us back to the glory days of ’61 and we can finally have some more glory glory nights down at the Lane. Our Portuguese mastermind will surely find a way of utilising Soldado’s ability. With a 4-3-3 there is the possibility of him not only leading the line but also being the man we need to get on the end of the endless crosses we put into the box. His chance conversion rate was the 3rd best in Europe this year and it would be criminal if we didn’t exploit this eye for goal.

But what if the deal doesn’t happen I hear you ask? What if we’re stuck with Defoe and our dancing Togolese superstar again? If the deal doesn’t happen I feel it could be the straw that broke the camel’s back in Levy’s case; if he lets the fans down again the damage could be irreparable.

Tottenham’s hunt for a striker over the years has been painful, tiring, thought-provoking, tedious and darn right stressful but maybe, just maybe, it could all be over soon, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I mean, who would? We wouldn’t be Tottenham without a bit of drama.


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