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Tottenham Hotspur players walk a lap of honour at White Hart Lane
Kicking off Total Tottenham’s review of the 2012/13 season, Steve Maloney attempts to sum up the contributions of the seasons’ key protagonists in 140(ish) characters.


Brad Friedel

Was dignified when a replacement was signed and mostly solid when called upon since. A different arrangement for Europe is needed in 13/14.

hugo-llorisHugo Lloris

Is he our best goalkeeper since Clemence? Could be stronger at set-pieces but he’s a fine goalkeeper and integral to the defensive system.

kyle-walkerKyle Walker

His costly lapses made him an easy target at times. Physically and technically an exciting footballer but his concentration must improve.

kyle-naughtonKyle Naughton

One of rotation’s benefits is it clearly exposes lack of quality. He’s a decent footballer but not good enough and it’s a good time to sell.

benoit-assou-ekottoBenoît Assou-Ekotto

Rightly no longer guaranteed a start, his flaws make signing a left-back a priority but a genuinely superior one may prove hard to find.

jan-vertonghenJan Vertonghen

He’s a tremendous footballer but a defensively errant full-back. Potentially one of the best centre-backs around if played there regularly.

younes-kaboulYounes Kaboul

We missed him as a centre-half and as pressure on Walker. Fitness permitting his partnership with Vertonghen promises much next season.

michael-dawsonMichael Dawson

His limitations were exposed brutally on occasion and he mustn’t be first choice but he’s an influential player in a squad of few leaders.

steven-caulkerSteven Caulker

One step forward and two steps back at times this season, Leeds being a particular low. No reason not to still be excited long-term though.

william-gallasWilliam Gallas

More reliable than given credit for and his nous at the back was often useful but he’s past his best and won’t be missed.

scott-parkerScott Parker

If only the feet matched the heart. Determined as ever but a more demanding role exposed him as a hindrance in possession this year.


He is Parker’s superior in every way and he thrived on the more expansive DM role this season. We missed him desperately after his injury.

mousa-dembeleMoussa Dembélé

He’s no Modric but few are. He was over-worked due to Sandro’s injury but he still impressed and their partnership could be imperious.

tom-huddlestoneTom Huddlestone

The Defoe of midfielders, he constitutes a tactic all on his own which looks great when it works but fluency is sacrificed for his presence.

tom-carrollTom Carroll

Raw but underused. A very composed and forward thinking passer who needs either more games at Spurs or a Premier League loan move in 13/14.

jake-livermoreJake Livermore

See Naughton. We have numerous options in his position and it’s a good time to cash in to help fund much needed upgrades in other areas.

lewis-holtbyLewis Holtby

Arrived to excitement but he lacked fitness and the command of a specific role. He won’t dazzle individually but his link-up play is clever.

aaron-lennonAaron Lennon

In the most contributive season of his career he worked harder and tracked back more than we’ve ever seen. He was always missed when absent.

gareth-baleGareth Bale

He impressed until Christmas and astounded from then on. I think he’ll give us one more year but needs more intelligent players around him.

gylfi-sigurdssonGylfi Sigurdsson

A mixed first season but it got better as it went on. Doubts persist that he doesn’t suit our style but he’s earned time to disprove that.

clint-dempseyClint Dempsey

A good player at a good price but a good signing? His goals were vital but too infrequent and he moves the ball too slowly to fit our style.

andros-townsendAndros Townsend

It was frustrating to see him excel on loan when we lacked pace without Bale and Lennon but we will benefit from it in the long-term.

jermain-defoe-newJermain Defoe

His career defined in a season; a match winner when on form but an obstacle to fluency when not. The squad needs him but can’t rely on him.

emmanuel-adebayorEmmanuel Adebayor

A slump in confidence was often mistaken for laziness but still under-performed. He is the centre forward we need, but showed it too rarely.

andre-villas-boasThe manager

Over-achieved at times, over-thought at others. He could achieve big things if the chairman provides a balanced squad; a big if though.

daniel_levyThe chairman

2012’s big changes were justified as the club is more stable with results unaffected. A more assertive transfer policy is still longed for.

Steve is a Spurs fan of 20 years and a former season ticket holder in the west stand. Follow Steve on Twitter: @SteveJMaloney

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